World Threats of 2021

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While Coivd-19 has been the undenying devil for global disruption in the year 2020, and will continue to be so for the forseable future, there are other factors like climate changes, political upheavel, wealth disparity and economic downturn that will continue to have adverse influence too.

According to Global Shapers Community, a network of young individuals who promote dialogue, action and change, among the short term(next two years) threats are infectious diseases, livelihood crises, digital disparity and youth disillusionment. The mid-term(next 3-5 years) threats include asset bubble burst, IT infrastructure breakdown, price instability and debt mess. The long term(beyond 5 years) threats named climate related matters & biodevisiity loss, goverment collapse and adverse technological advancement as the main culprits.

The effect of all these threats will not only lead to massive loss of human life but will in addition retard global economic developement made so far and amplify global wealth inequalities all the while damaging the social cohesion, global cooperation and causing diversion of resourses away from critical global challanges.

Read the WEF's(World Economic Forum) The Global Risk Report 2021 for a detailed analysis of the various global risks for 2021 and the actions that businesses and countries will need to take to mitigte them.

Renewing and improving the architecture of our national and international political and economic systems is this generation’s defining task. It will be a monumental undertaking, but an indispensable one. The Global Risks Report demonstrates how high the stakes are (Børge Brende, World Economic Forum President)

Visit to explore the issues and forces that will transform economies, industries and the human race.

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