01 Sep 2014

Sapru(Devanagari सप्रू ), is a clan of Kashmiri Brahmins. The present day Sapru’s originate from the Persian Zoroastrian clan (from present day Iran) who settled in the village of Saprain in Kashmir(and thus came to be known as Sapru), adopted the Shaivite(Vedic) religion of the Kashmiri Brahmins (primarily Saraswat Brahmins), as it was very similar to their Zoroastrian faith, and intermarried with the Kashmiri Brahmins. Sapru’s get their gotra from an Aryan Rishi and goes by the name "Dipat Saman Aupamanyava". Most Saprus are Hindus while some are Muslims. Muslim Saprus use the title Sheikh.