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The first words we say to ourselves in the morning somehow have the capacity to decide on the quality of our entire day.

Let’s say you were allowed to have any one food item for an entire day. So would you start the day with fruits, greens and proteins or would you rather have fats, sugars and the likes. One obviously wouldn’t have to ponder much to decide on the former.

The same happens with our words. Everyone has a choice to speak ugly or nice words first thing in the morning.

In the Bible, Palsm 109:18-19 mentions. . . ”He wore the cursing as his garment. It entered his body like water, into his bones like oil. Like a cloak it wrapped around him, like a belt tied around him forever”. To put it simply…..”A man’s curses will fall and wrap themselves around him like a cloak”. Now imagine being wrapped by your words all days long. Ugly words would be akin to being wrapped in a dirty garment, not much of a preference for any human.

Our choice of ugly words and their irresponsible use is the reason behind the confusion and turmoil humanity faces today. It further goes to create tension and misunderstanding. The world today stands divided through the choice of ugly words. Thus the control of words would not only improve our moral fiber and character but also enable humanity to seek better solutions for its problems.

To speak is to act, for speech is the progenitor of action. Says Lord Buddha ”Well controlled are the wise, for they have mastery over mind, body and tongue”. To choose ugly words to speak and the manner of their vocalization which would obviously be equally damning, will definitely set you off in the wrong direction only to come back a few hours later. But consider what a trade off!!….2 minutes would end up controlling a few hours thereafter. Also be aware that words have a kind of life of their own which continues much after we, their originators, have sent them out into the world affecting everything in their path. No wonder it is said ”Watch thy tongue, as out of it are the issues of life”.

Our feelings and thoughts are expressed through our words. Our moral nature and the mood of the moment is also reflected in the choice of our words and the tone of their utterance. Below are a few steps to follow to start your days with the right words. They are simple actions but could be a wee bit arduous to put into practice. . . .

  • DECESION. First resolve to begin each day in the right direction.
  • MEET YOUR NEEDS. Only you are aware of your needs. Start the day with the words you need and not somebody else.
  • WRITE DOWN THE WORDS. What ever be the words, write them down on a plain piece of paper. They will change over time and that’s OK, but write them down.
  • MAKE TIME. After you wakeup you would need just 2 minutes to write your words down. But if you wake up late for work don’t expect the choice of your words to smell nice. So rise early and shine.
  • COMMITMENT. Don’t expect the magic to work for a lifetime if you practice it for only a few days. Your few days may go good, but not your life. So keep at it on a daily basis with a commitment to start your day on a right note.

Life and death, both can come from words for they are both builders and destroyers. Words can divide , but also unite; words can wound, but also heal; words can curse, but also bless; words can mislead, but also enlighten; words can hide and also reveal.