26 Oct 2014

The KANGRI remains an enduring emblem of Kashmiri culture and local craftmanship that is eco-friendly, cost effective and keeps people warm during the severe winter months when temperatures reach extreme lows.

Kangri Kangri

It is a clay fire pot that is filled with glowing charcoal embers encased in pretty handmade wicker baskets and carried as a personal warmer. It is an effective and economical local heating arrangement thats been in the culture for generations.

Wicker stickes, used in making kangri's, being collected ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Wicker stickes being unloaded and stocked ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Wicker stickes being boiled to soften them ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Women peel the skin off the wicker sticks ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Wicker sticks being dried in the open ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

A potter makes the clay pot ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

The clay pot is shaped ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

The clay pots being dried ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

An artisan forms a wicker basket over the clay pot ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Kashmiri boatmen keep themselves warn in the cold ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

Kashmiri men keep themselves warm with Kangri during a snowfall with the Kangri under their long cloaks ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera

A local shopkeeper warms himself with Kangri ©Abid Bhat/Al Jazeera