Future in the Job Market

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Few points from an article I read written by Ryan Roslansky, CEO-LinkedIn

Image©Ryan Roslansky, CEO-LinkedIn

In an era of contant change we need not have figured it out all in one go. Our jobs and what we are going to do with them is not going to remain the same even in the immidiate future(we have the Covid-19 pandemic to prove that) so people will need to keep on learing their entire worklife to keep up.

The data from 2021 Grads Guide to Getting Hired shows that emerging job markets will provide us with more options for flexibility and remote working, so for a long term success the formula is simple - networking & life long learning to grow your skills.

The learning could be achieved in conversations with a network of diverse population or from listening to a podcast, reading a book/article, enrolling for an online course, keeping up with trends etc. To widen your network start with the the community of teachers, mentors, peers. One could reach out to alumini or even join some internet groups.

The goal now, for both those stepping into the job market and those already there, should not be to focus on what job one wants in next ten years, but more on how one can keep learning over the entire worklife(and why not even beyond).

At the end of the day all that the employers cares is whether you can do the job.

Read an extensive report Future of Jobs published by WEF in October2020 which maps the jobs of the next decade with the skills needed for them.

This article published by McKinsey & Company and WEF details the jobs that will be gone and the ones that will be created in the future as workplaces become technology intensive(AI being one example). It also highlights that manual skills will no longer be relevant and the demand for technological skills as well as cognitive and social skills will be on the rise(see image below).

56 Distinct Elements of Talents(DELTAs) across 13 Skilled groups and 4 Categories©McKinsey & Company

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