17 Mar 2021

The Frankincense Trail is a BBC documentary that traces one of the epic trade routes of ancient times. Presenter Kate Humble covers a treacherous 2000mile journey across modern day Middle East that begins in Southern Oman and travels through Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan finally ending in the sacred city of Jerusalem in Israel.

In the ancient world frankincense was rare and valued more than gold with its aromatic smoke being much sought after by Kings and wealthy citizens. Such was its demand that it created a trade route across Arabia from Oman to the Holy Land from where it was distributed all over the ancient world including Greece and Rome. In time this trade not only allowed entire cities and civilizations to prosper all along its path but also made it possible to connect the Arab world to the West. It is believed that frankincense was one of the three gifts given by the Three Wise Men(Biblical Magi) to Jesus Christ upon his birth.

Episode1 covers the journey through Oman,Yemen and Saudi Arabia

Episode2 covers the journey through Saudi Arabia

Episode3 covers the journey through Egypt

Episode4 covers the journey through Jordan and Israel