The benefits of being 'grounded'

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Just as the Sun is the source of vital energy, the ground of the Earth too is a limitless supply of energy in the form of electrons that are naturally negetively charged (how are these replenished - take a guess?? Its them lightening bolts from the skies). When we touch the ground with our feet or body it not only dissipates static electricity and any extraneous environmental electrical charges on us but at the same time we also absorb enough free electrons from the earth so as to maintain the same electrical potential as the Earth. The amount of absorsption varies from person to person based on their health conditions, lifestyle and activity levels. Earthing or Grounding is thus simply making a connection between the electrical charge of human body with the natural electrical charge of the Earth.

Read the Beginners Guide to Earthing to know a bit more.

As much as our ancestors were in touch with the ground for every hour of the day, we in the modern times have completely disconnected ourselves from any form of grounding. For those that are motivated enough to give it a go, grounding can be achieved in many ways...walking, sitting , lying, standing so long as we are in direct physical contact with the earth. It can be the grass, sand, soil, unsealed concrete or water bodies (oceans, lakes, streams) with a 30min minimum time recommended to be grounded every day.

So when was the last time you kicked your shoes off and made direct contact with the Earth??

Earthing's effect on the body is two fold - preventive and therapeutic. Most people will being to feel good the moment they start Earthing, however someone with ill health will feel a significant difference compared to the one who is in good health. Earthing works as an effective antioxidant (clear out wastes & toxins) and antiinflammatory for the entire body. Among the many benefits Earthing helps...

  • to neutralize the free radicals that are responsible for ageing
  • to improve blood flow and thin the blood
  • to better oxyginate the tissues and improve cell function
  • to improve hypothroid(underactive thyroid) condition
  • to promote a deeper sleep
  • to fasten healing and recovery
  • to syncronize biorthythms of the body
  • reduce chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tension and increase energy levels.

Earthings moves our bodies from a "Fight and Flight" system to "Homeostasis"

Read the book "Earthing - The most importatnt health discovery ever?" by Clinton Ober, the man behind the Earthing movement.

Read the medical research done -

All cultures and traditions that have walked this Earth in some way or the other have promoted walking bare feet on the earth. Few videos about Earthing. . .

How Quickly does Grounding effect your body by Laura Konniver M.D.

The Earthing Movie

The Grounded

Sadhguru voices his views on being in touch with the natural elements.

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