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Do what makes you happy and peaceful

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Do what makes you makes you happy and whatever gives you a purpose and peace. But DO NOT QUIT.

Mike Tyson( the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title) is now 54-years old. He was 100lbs overweight at this time last year, and suffering from depression. Mike expressed that he has felt suicidal at times without boxing. It was not the fame and neither the money. Mike has known fame and now owns a business that does $500,000 per month in revenues, and is expanding this business. He runs a highly successful podcast backed by big sponsors, and also has earned millions in movies. So what is that one thing that gives him the purpose that gets him out of bed each day??

This is how Mike looked the other night after a fight. The judges called the fight a draw even when Mike was a clear winner. But Mike was not upset. Mike lasted 8 rounds and it wasn't that he was famished by the end of it. All beacuse boxing breathed LIFE into him and made him feel ALIVE.

We don't know the demons that others are battling and I am sure we dont know our's too. All I am saying is that it's not "normal" in boxing for 54-year old's to enter the ring, but if boxing is what brings Mike a sense of peace, purpose, and happiness, then he should continue to box for as long as he is able to. (Derrick Muhammad)

Pain is temporary, but quitting, lasts forever - Lance Armstrong