“A picture is worth a thousand words”, they say.

The web offers a plethora of images that are either in public domain, or licensed under the Creative Commons license , or can be used without any copyright issues.

If Google search is not enough, below are some of the websites where one can find high-quality images for free…

1. unsplash.com – All images are under the CC0 license which means they are in public domain and can freely be used in any way you like.

2. google.com – This Google image website has a whole lot of historical pictures from the LIFE library that are free and available for non commercial, personal use.

3. flickr.com – Here you will find vintage images from the national library of the UK (The British Library) uploaded to Flickr that are now in pubic domain and available for re-use.

4. picjubmo.com – Lots of high quality images for personal and commercial use. These have been taken by the site owner and a proper attribution is requested in return.

5. pixabay.com – All images here are available under the CC0 license and so can be used anywhere.

6. publicdomainarchive.com – An impressive repository of high quality public domain images with a neat organization in categories.

7. commons.wikimedia.org (Wikimedia Commons) – This site is a real large repository of images under free license or in the public domain and arranged in categories.

8. superfamous.com – High-res images that are licensed under Creative Commons and require attribution.

9. nos.twnsnd.co – Here is collection of vintage photographs from public archives with no copyright restrictions.

10. freeimages.com – One of the biggest collection images that you can use for almost any purpose. A sign-in is needed to download images.

11. raumrot.com – The site has amazing hi-res photographs available for both personal and commercial use. Images are sorted subject wise and available under Creative Commons.

12. gettyimages.com – Looking for professional images for your website without the expensive license fee? Getty has it all.

13. pdpics.com – This website has thousands of free images that can be used in both personal and commercial projects but with attribution. The images found here have been taken by their in-house photographers.

14. imcreator.com – A collection of high quality images on all subjects that are also free for commercial use. The images require attribution.

15. photopin.com – Photo Pin helps you easily find photos on Flickr that are available under the Creative Commons license. You get the embed code as well and so one does not have to host the images on their server.

16. kaboompics.com – A collection of high-resolution photos that can used for all kinds of projects included commercial ones. The photos are arranged in categories and tags.

17. morguefile.com – The site hosts free images which are fee to use in both personal and commercial projects and without attribution. The image gallery has a built-in cropping tool and one can even hotlink the images from his website.

18. magdeleine.co – Hand picked and free images that one can search by subject, mood or even the dominant color.