02 Mar 2021

Newly arrived Somali refugees wait outside a UNHCR processing center at the Ifo refugee camp in eastern Kenya.(Pic-Jerome Delay/AP)

Climate change has not only displaced people(involuntary migration) away from their homes and undermined livelihoods but has also reinforced resource competition ending in exacerbated conflicts worldwide. Climate change has now been reffered to as a "Threat Multiplier" as its effects has the potential to promote global insecurity and instability. Listen to this five-part series by The Compass(BBC) which investigates how climate change is a catalyst for conflict across the globe.

In this report by Centre for Climate and Security titled Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geostrategic Landscape of the Anthropocene climate experts discuss climate risks to international security and its effect on the geostrategic landscape in this century.

The risks associated with climate-related disasters do not represent a scenario of some distant future. They are already a reality for millions of people around the globe and they are not going away
(Rosemary DiCarlo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs)

Risks to human security from climate change and the potential for risk reduction through mitigation and adaptation (5th Assessment Report of IPCC)

Read the press release of 24July2020 which is a brief by Miroslav Jenča, Assistant Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas to the UN Security Council on behalf of the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs about how "Climate Change is a danger to global security and peace".

A video by Climate Change Lobby
“How will climate change affect our national security and what should we be doing about it NOW?“

A presentation by Katharine Hayhoe at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Dec'20,

Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier - World Govt. Summit 2018

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