Chasing Roti(ਰੋਟੀ)

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Listen to a few lines from a beautiful Punjabi poem written & sung by Gurdas Maan on the philosophy of bread(food).

Below is the translation of the verses as best as I could manage....

es roti da bhed na koi jane,
kithon aai te kihne bnai roti
No one knows the secrets of bread; where it came from and who made it.

kede jaat ne roti da beej boya,
kede khet zameen chu aye roti
Who sowed its seed and which farm or earth did it come from

oh roti di kadar nu ki jane,
jihnu mildi a pakki pkai roti
Those who get the it prepared without having to earn it know not its worth

os bhukhey nu puch ke vekh manā,
jinnu labhey na masān, khiai roti
Ask a hungy person who gets it not despite the effort

roti gol hai kamm vi gol isda
jiye jant nu chakkar wich pāye roti
The bread is round and so are its ways making all living go round in circles

roti khān lagga banda karey nakhrey,
bay shukrey nu rās na āye roti
The bread will not nourish the ungrateful and the disrespectful

seena aap tandur vich sārh laindi,
bhukhey paet dee agg bujhaye roti
It burns itself in the oven and quenches the fire of a hungry belly

onni khayin manā jinni hazm ho jaye,
roti kahdi j hazm na aayi roti
Eat only as much as you can digest and it is not food if you overindulge

onna kām vich barkatān rehndiyān ney,
jihna khair fakeer nu payi roti
Only those who feed the needy will prosper & flourish in life

sadā jag dey jyun diyan rehn Māwan,
jinha bachyān dey munh pai roti
Praise be the mothers who have always fed their children

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