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Mohit Sapru Posted On : / Updated On : July 06, 2023
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Are you OK with companies on the internet following you everywhere and tracking your behavior?? More data than ever before is generated worldwide and we have no control over this digital data because once we share it online, like virginity, you can never get it back and nor does it ever go away.

Below infographic reveals few things about "Data that never sleeps". To the companies mentioned therein its like getting paid by the minute. And all this because of the data our actions generate for which we do not get compensated.

Data market is a big industry of almost 50Billion US dollars currently and expected to double in less than 10years. Do you think those in the business of buying and selling data(data brokers) are going to give up this goldmine??

Listen to this IRL podcast presented by Mozilla. It was originally released on June 26, 2017.

The mega-bucks that the social media biggies make of this "Big Data" is only one side of the coin. How they go about doing this is what we all should be really concerned about, specially since, unkown to us, their products and processes, targets our psychology manupilating us and making us addictive to them.

If something is a tool, it is genuinely sitting there, waiting patiently for you to use it without influencing you. If something isn't a tool it will demand things from you. It will seduce you, manipulate you and want things from you. We have, as of today, moved away from a tools based technology environment to an addiction and manupulation based technology environment. Social media is not a tool waiting to be used. it has its own goals(profits) and it has its own means to pursue them at all costs by using your psychology against you. -Tristan Harris of Center for Humane Technology

See the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma to know more.

In the end it is all about "riches", with the devil being the business model, the economic incentive and the shareholder pressure which allows the tech biggies to operate without any rules, without being regulated and with virtually no competition handing them the powers of a defacto government. There has to be a a way out of this notion of "profit at all costs".

Extra Info:

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