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Online Life is Real Life or IRL for short is a podcast series by Firefox(backed by Mozilla), which discusses how our daily internet activities affects us and our society as a whole. Presenters Veronica Belmont and Manoush Zomorodi narrate stories of privacy breaches, fake info, cyber bullying, hacking and more from the wild wild web and also its future.

The first episode was aired on 26Jun, 2017 and it has a total of 37 episodes in 5 seasons till date. Season 1 2 and 3 was hosted by Veronica Belmont and thereafter seasons 4 and 5 by Manoush Zomorodi.

S01E01 - All Your Data Belongs to Us - How much of your personal data are you OK to share online.
Release Date - June 26, 2017.

S01E02 - The Future of Net Neutrality - If net neutrality is abolished, the Internet could shift from an essential service for all consumers to a product packaged and sold to the highest bidders.
Release date - July10, 2017.

S01E03 - Hack Jobs - Internet insecurity is a thing to be considered seriously.
Release Date - July24, 2017.

S01E04 - The Care and Feeding of Your Troll - Online trolling and its impact.
Release date - August7, 2017.

S01E05 - I Spy With My Digital Eye - Surveillance, unbeknown to us, happens all the time through any and all digital devices and appliances.
Release Date - August21, 2017.

S01E06 - All Access Pass - Is internet access a right or a luxury and does it have the potential to change lives.
Release Date - September4, 2017.

S01E07 - Free Speech, Limited? - Does free speech need to be regulated on the internet.
Release Date - September18, 2017.

S02E01 - Bot Or Not - How 🤖Bots(internet robots) play an increasingly visible role in our lives - from politics to poetry.
Release Date - January8, 2018.

S02E02 - Digital Overload - How connection to the digital domain is changing our bodies and our brains.
Release Date - January22, 2018.

S02E03 - Face Value - The role of Biometric Technology in our lives and it's future.
Release Date - February5, 2018

S02E04 - Cloak of Invisibility - On the Internet no one knows you are a dog. But is the digital domain truly anonymous?
Release Date - February16, 2018

S02E05 - Algorisky - Algorithms control our online experience, but are these algorithms flawed??
Release Date - March5, 2018

S02E06 - Social Bubble Bath - The web is customized is tailored for each one of us - what we search, what we read and who we communicate. These filter bubble may either keep us apart or may bring us all togeather.
Release Date - March19, 2018

S02E07 - Ctrl+Alt+Facts - The web is rampant with fake news and misinformation.
Release Date - April3,2018

S03E01 - The Grand Bargain - When we "Accept" online do we know what we partake in return and if or not it's a fair trade. Release Date - July2, 2018

S03E02 - Press Play - The influence of the gaming technology in our lives, it's pros and cons and it's future.
Release Date - July16, 2018

S03E03 - Paid Attention - You attention online has become megabucks for the social media giants and they will go to any lenght to have you hold it. Release Date - July30, 2018

S03E04 - Virtual Connections - The way internet is affecting our personal relationships. By the way ever wondered why emoticons exit?
Release Date - August13, 2018

S03E05 - Bullying and Bonding Online - How well does the basic human trait of bonding with some(in-group) and rejecting others(out-group) fair in the digital world.
Release Date - August27, 2018

S03E06 - Kids These Days - Today's kids are the generation that, unlike the previous, spend a major portion of their life online. Listen to how they manage their online existance and how parents can keep up and play an active role in their children's digital experience.
Release Date - September10, 2018

S03E07 - What to Expect When You're Electing - How the internet has influenced our views and our votes. How it has influnced the dynamics of online political campaigns and what will the future of voting be.
Release Date - October4, 2018

S04E01 - Checking Out Online Shopping - The hidden cost of shopping online. Your data may be the most important thing in this.
Release Date - November26, 2018

S04E02 - Your Password Is the Worst - Why a good password hygine is important.
Release Date - December10, 2018

S04E03 - TL;DR - Our reading habits have been influenced by some much more info available 24/7 online.
Release Date - January7, 2019

S04E04 - Everything in Moderation - The work to clean up social media junk is ardous and at times traumatic for those involved. What is the human cost of content moderation?
Release Date - January21, 2019

S04E05 - The Surveillance Economy - Are the socail media biggies involved in the economy of surveillance thereby influencing the the fundamentals of our economy and also our way of life.
Release Date - February4, 2019

S04E06 - Decentralize It - The utopia of Decentralization.
Release Date - February18, 2019

S04E07 - What if women built the internet? - What would the internet look like if it was built by mostly women?
Release Date - March4, 2019

S05E01 - The “Privacy Policy” Policy - All about the "Privacy Policy" that come alongwith the apps and websites.
Release Date - June14, 2019

S05E02 - Democracy and the Internet - Is the internet and democracy compatible?
Release Date - July1, 2019

S05E03 - The Internet’s Carbon Footprint - The environmental impact of the internet due to massive server and data farms that are kept powered up all year round across the globe.
Release Date - July15, 2019

S05E04 - The Tech Worker Resistance - The movement of the tech. workers.
Release Date - July29, 2019

S05E05 - The 5G Privilege - The next revolution in mobile internet communications.
Release Date - August12, 2019

S05E06 - Making Privacy Law - The privacy laws and the regulation of the internet's big names.
Release Date - August26, 2019

S05E07 - Privacy or Profit - Why Not Both? - Could a profitable tech business be built while also respecting our privacy?
Release Date - September9, 2019