Would Fasting be Healthy??

For as long as Obesity has got humans concerned, it has been the endeavor of everyone affected to get rid of the extra kilos. People put on weight by consuming more energy(measured as Calories) than they burn, so consuming lesser calories or energy would help reduce. Few other factors that result in overweight are genetic factors, metabolism, hormones, kind of food we intake, bloodtype & lifestyle
As many as there are ways to put on weight, there are as many to loose it. Fasting or reducing food intake is one of the most common & widely adopted way to loose weight. But is fasting healthy?? and does it have any health benefits?
Listen to the science behind what happens when the body is deprived of calories/energy.

This was featured on BBC’s Crowd Science programe on May28,2018. It is produced by Marijke Peters & presented by Marnie Chesterton.