Becoming Cousteau

The Wonderful World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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Like the acclaimed science fiction series Star Trek is synonymous with exploration of the space as the 'final frontier' where no man has gone before, so is the name Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Calypso associated with the exploration and conservation of much of the planet's underwater world.

A French national who in his lifetime(b:11June1910 - d:25June1997) assumed the roles of a Naval Officer, Adventurer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Inventor, Author, Conservationist and a celebrity of sorts. He studied the seas/oceans and all forms of life below the surface and was the 'Jane Goodall' of the water world.

BECOMING COUSTEAU by National Geographic Documentary Film is a film about four decades of the experiences and water world films of Cousteau. Produced by two time Academy Award nominated filmmaker LIZ GARBUS it chronicles the life of Jacques Cousteau as one of the iconic voices of this century on evironmental protection and the warning's he has been conveying about the warming of the sea's and our planet's vulnerability.