Hello and 🙏

Welcome to my personal space on the 🌐 (world wide web)

Hi, my name is Mohit Sapru

This site is a space for me to spill my thoughts and share my discoveries on 🌐 when the mood sets in (there is however no definite theme or schedule).

In here I tell the stories of my tribe and the land of my heritage (🌲Kashmir).

Here I show you the the wonders that dwell within the waters of this planet - 🤿DivingDiaries.

They say " A job will fill your pocket while an adventure would fill your soul” so come and see my WanderLust fun.

And finally feel free to go through the repertoire of 🎵music I like because where words fail music speaks.

Few more things about me...

  • 🏠I currently reside in 🇨🇦. Prior to this I worked and lived in 🇴🇲.
  • 🤿Underwater Diving is someting I am passionate about. As of now I am certified as a PADI Rescue Diver and further certification is in process.
  • ✍️Education is a lifetime business. I try and take out time to self learn about Python, WebDesign(HTML+CSS), Linux. It’s a slow process, but am getting there.
  • 🏃I try and keep healthy and let no one tell you its an easy endeavour.

I hope you find something of interest here and please feel free to contact me if you need to.