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I am Mohit Sapru. This site is a space for me to write about anything when the mood sets in. However there is no definite theme or schedule. Outside of work I try and take out time for Scuba Diving and trying to self learn about Linux, Python, Web Design, HTML, CCS and WordPress (it’s a slow process, but am getting there).

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This site includes the following web-pages :
Blog– A place where I spill my thoughts and share my discoveries on the world wide web from time to time.
Kashmir– All about the land of my heritage. The stories of my tribe.
Diving Diaries– The wonders that dwell within the waters of this planet. My underwater fun.
Wanderlust– A job would fill your pockets while an adventure would fill your soul.
Music– The voice of the soul. When words fail music speaks.
Archives– A chronological display of my posts.

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